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A Whole Mood

Welcome to the JaeTalks blog by Jae Serene. I’m super excited to have you guys here. JaeTalks is a lifestyle blog filled with positivity, real life struggles, and more. A Whole Mood brings motivational and inspirational quotes, thoughts and words of wisdom and experiences to readers. Don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe to stay connected. Stay a while and look around.

Keep looking up…

That’s the secret of life.

Charlie Brown

Love Love

Relationship reads on healthy and unhealthy experiences and insight. From self-love to romance and intimacy. Love Love covers it all.

Mindful Parent

Parenting isn’t easy, but where there is a will , Parents like you, come to places likes these, to uplift, encourage, and find resources to make a way. The JaeTalks Community embraces positive parenting, and encourages friends to become family and lend a helping hand. Feel free to join our talks by leaving positive comments and advice. I’m always open to new ideas. Any questions can be left in my Instagram DM’s. Don’t forget to always like and subscribe and follow on socials.


There’s no other way to enjoy the many blessings of life than to explore and experience it through traveling. JaeTalks gives you an inside look at some of those travels you’ve been wanting to experience with your friends and family, providing real down-to-earth reviews within our mini vlogs of each adventure. Take the journey with me and crew in my newest #CatchMeTripping Series. Don’t forget to join the JaeTalks family on TikTok and Instagram.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Robyn Yong

New To The Jae Talks Up Site!

11:11 Journal Collection by Jae Serene

After 20+ years of writing and graphic designing. I have combined the two crafts and designed a wonderful line of journals which will be featured in my new 11:11 journal collection. With both Ebook and Hardcopy formats, the collections will be currently available on both Etsy and Amazon platforms. Don’t miss out on updates because you’re not following the socials!

There’s More In Store!

Don’t miss out on other exciting posts. Stay connected and be sure to become apart of the JaeTalks family by following on all social platforms. For bookings, questions and comments, be sure to leave a detailed messages in the contact tab.

Good Looks’

The term “Good Looks” embodies the phrase “Good Looking Out”. Here you’ll explore the cute, cool, and family functional finds that will be shared and reviewed for your reference. Good looks will feature some great grabs you’ll soon be able to purchase right here! Coming Fall/ Winter 2022!

Served Raw Podcast Coming Soon!

Served Raw is currently in the works for the 2022 Fall Launch and has found a new road to reach the JaeTalks family that we think you’ll love! Stay tuned to @Jae_Serene on IG for updates coming your way. (Rated M for mature)

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