Tired of being broke!

After days of having to scrape together coins to provide a meal for the family, borrow $20 in gas until “Friday” (payday), and constantly going over the lingering past due bills, I check my account to review what has been paid. In doing so, I realize how serious I need to get with budgeting. I don’t know why that’s such a challenge for me, but it is. I have to get in my head that it’s planning like any other type of planning, and that I am great at. I plan for our family vacations, goals, weekly meals (even though it hasn’t been consistent I admit), but for the most part I am great at planning and getting things organized. In any case, I’ve decided to get budget savvy in a way that best suits my busy lifestyle as a full time working mom of 3 with a crazy schedule. Just to be fair, I know there are tons of great budget friendly help guides out there, and I suggest everyone do their own research and read as many of those that you can. I find that I get my best inspiration from a collection of others work to give me the closest fit when I’m looking for certain answers. In this situation, I just need to play this by trial and error. After scanning through a few different reads, it’s said that it takes 21 days at least to make something a habit. So for the next 3 or so weeks ill be tracking some things I’ve done to kick off my 21 days of budgeting. First things first, I’m going to get a print out of my last 3 banking statements and tally up my expenses to get an average for those 90 days. That way I can build a SMART budgeting plan. So I’ll be checking back in often to give an update.

Click the Here for reference on SMART Goals.

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