3 Starting Basics for Relationship Goals

I never understood quite deeply, why people measure the success of their relationship against those that they see posting seemingly happy couples pictures on social media sites.

No one ever posts their fights or disagreements, their struggles or pain. At least not the “Relationship Goals” couples. Whenever we see someone rant about their significant other negatively, or post indirect negative quotes about relationships, we (the viewers) immediately turn ourselves off from the reality of accepting relationships for what they are. Real and full of healthy communication. Whether it may be opposing thoughts or views. It’s OK to agree to disagree.

Now, this isn’t to be mistaken with settling or staying in any unhealthy condition (such as abuse of any form or stagnation of personal growth). I also don’t want this to be mistaken for any Pro-single life advertisement.

But after trial and error from my own relationships, I now know better than ever, the importance of what makes the best relationship goals. This always starts and ends with you.

3 Basics

Write down what you want and be willing to invest that same energy- What I found to always help, being that I love to write, is writing down my ideals. These ideals will then become what I will put forth in my own relationship. Never forget that the energy you project you will receive. So of you at currently receiving negative energy and situations, you are emitting that direct or indirectly.

Get to know yourself more- self love is and will always be the best kind of love. Take some time quiz yourself on how well you know YOU. Strengthen this area by answering the question you haven’t thought of for yourself as a start to building self awareness.

Focus on what makes you happy, not others- stay in your own lane and work on building up yourself mentally, emotionally, psychologically, financially, and never take your eyes off what matters most to your personal growth and development.

Once you’ve had these 3 basic things down, you’re not quite done, but you are most definitely off to the right start. Now, when you get into a relationship it’ll be founded on healthy relationship traits and you’ll have a concrete-ish sense of who you are (I used the phrase concrete-ish because we’re always evolving so it’s normal to change and develop ourselves as time passes). So please don’t be discouraged by some of the fake relationship facades you come across. Create real wholesome relationship goals of your own.

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2 thoughts on “3 Starting Basics for Relationship Goals

  1. “Self love is and will always be the best kind of love”.. I think we could all use a little bit more of this in our lives, thank you for this beautiful piece!


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