5 Common Traits of a Person with a Heart of Gold

One thing that came into thought today, was the fact that our society has came so far away from chivalrous behavior. If I help someone random at a store and they happen to be a man, it’s flirting. If I help a woman at a store its either weird or flirting. Every excuse except the benefit of the doubt for it to be a random act of kindness.

Don’t get me wrong, in this day and age you always have to be cautious and second guess the intentions of others because you just never know. Then again, when has it ever been completely safe to let all guards down? The ‘stranger danger ‘ warning has been around since my parents parents were children. Yet chivalry was still alive.

As a young parent, I’ve looked at the plus side to being a young mom as one who can communicate and get in tune with your kids better than ever. Not to be confused with becoming too friendly and losing their respect, but getting on their level without stooping to their level.

I carry my virtue, being my heart of Gold as a souvenir almost in representation of that moral of kindness and love towards everyone. I teach my kids that this becomes a gift when mastered, and should never be boasted.

You don’t feed the homeless, just to post pics on Instagram, You don’t volunteer at a shelter for cool points, And you don’t donate to the needy for “clout” as my kids would say. It’s just unnecessary and defeats the purpose anyways.

5 things to always remember and do:

  1. Remain the same genuine person you are
  2. Don’t let situations change your demeanor
  3. Adapt to your environment without conforming to any negativity that lingers
  4. Don’t become hardened. There’s a difference between being stronger than you once were and completely shutting off and hardening yourself which doesn’t allow for self growth and healing.
  5. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. – I feel like this key is one of the most important rules to live by, but also the most misunderstood. For one, never do anything for anyone if the motive is for them to now owe you otherwise you would never have extended yourself. Always treat others kindly and give a helping hand just because your heart draws you to do so. If you need to feel like you need something back in return, think to yourself that in return something good will be coming your way or the help and kind gesture will come through another source out of the blue from maybe a complete stranger. A mentality like this helps bring back a chivalrous society. And you could help by adding yourself to that body count.

For me personally, believing in the law of attraction fuels my desire to be light hearted and abide by those 5 things that attribute to the return of a warm and chivalrous society. By no means am I perfect, but I am perfecting myself for the good of my family and I. The goal is to become the best version of myself so that I can help guide others to do the same.

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2 thoughts on “5 Common Traits of a Person with a Heart of Gold

    1. So many times I’ve wondered how we’ve come so far from being kind and genuine. It’s like, now the societal norm sees kindness as the weird act. I try to make it an effortless trend even my kids can follow and pass on. Thanks for reading whitney!


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