To The Younger Me…

Dear baby Jae,
If I could show you the future to help lighten your worries, I would. But if it meant the slightest change in the outcome, whether it be for the better, I’m not sure I’d want you to take that chance to alter the lessons we’ve learned and the gifts we’ve been granted along the way.

Let me start by answering a few of your questions that leaves you so hesitant of embracing your ever so perfect imperfections. No, your not crazy for being who you are.

Yes, you might’ve rushed things when you should’ve stayed grounded and allow the universe to show you that you were and still are supported. You’re not naive because your intentions are pure and your heart is so big.

You’re not stupid for maintaining your patience and modeling true humility. Just because you were born into a generation where kindness and chivalry are a shallow excuse to “do it for the gram” or “snap” and record for views, doesn’t mean you should harden your heart and restrict your wholesome ways.

All in all, the personality you were guilted at times for having, others won’t always understand for different reasons. Nevermind those misunderstandings, you’ll learn to appreciate them too.

Just know that your not responsible for making anyone believe what they refuse to In the first place. Even when they see the actions time after time. You need not to prove your worth to any man, woman, or child.

You are definitely one in a million, and the amazing people that will come into your life and appreciate you and your energy will help affirm this truth.

You don’t have to run from your childhood. Those hurts have passed, those experiences should be seen as a blessing for what they were and how much they’ve strengthened you.

You do such a great job at healing the older you get. It’ll be a whole lot less stressful if you started the healing process of forgiveness now. You’ll learn to do what’s best for you without anyone in your ear telling you what you should do.

Stop doubting yourself and trust your own judgement. As we know, daddy issues run one in a half a dozen coming from our city. You never let that define you, shift your spirit, or act as a wound that could never heal.

Even though you were angry at the nerve of his arrogance when he betrayed your trust in him to protect you, love you, console you, and make you feel safe like a father should, you grew like a flower who never missed out on the sun light, and water that  it needs. You grew.

Of course this growth came with doubts that the voids placed. But you’ve got a hell of mother that’ll cross through hell and high waters concerning her only daughter. And to be honest, she hasn’t let you down before, and won’t let you down in the future. You’re truly blessed and highly favored.

Baby girl, you’re not blind. Not by far. Your intuition is strong, and your faith in them needs to be even stronger. Be as kind and forgiving of yourself as you are with those who’ve hurt you plenty of times.

And as you go through each lesson, I just need you to remember that you’re a fast learner. Don’t get stuck repeating the same stupid mistakes and letting the same undeserving people back into your life to play the same rotation of games. This is how they contribute to holding you back. If you’re not being uplifted, then your steps will always be counterproductive.

I could never run out of words to share with you. I could never run out of love to give and express to you. I hope to one day soon provide not only the world for you, but the moon, stars and everything good and positive that the universe has to offer. I appreciate everything about you my love, never forget that.

With Love Sincerely,

Jae the evolved💋

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