Whose The Problem?! Women or Men?

The truth of the matter is, everything comes down to giving the energy that you need. Of course you want to make sure to begin with, that you and your significant other is compatible for each other. With that, you definitely need to weigh your options, and not continually ignore red flags that are clearly unhealthy signs that you need not to have anything more to do with that person.

In reality, I know that each case scenario is unique and depending on how patient and understanding you’ve been in your relationship with the hopes that positive change would come of it, would definitely make it harder to cut ties even when you feel that it’s time.

On the other hand, there is a such thing as having healthy disagreements. In every relationship, you agree to disagree about things and that’s perfectly fine. Communication, compromise, understanding, and patience are exactly the top recipes that get you through any disagreement without the ugly fights and hurtful words being thrown at each other.

These would be the very things that separate  the healthy from the unhealthy relationships. And not to be confused, it has to be a two way street. Not only one person in the relationship should be understanding of the other, compromising for the other, patient with the other, or be made to feel as though they are the only one in the relationship that needs to communicate about everything and these actions not be reciprocated. It just doesn’t work like that.

But, again once you’ve felt as though you’re with someone who genuinely makes you feel like a better you or more complete; like an asset to your life if you will, little hiccups don’t make him or her the problem.

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