5 Pros & Cons To Keeping Your Circle Small

While I personally have been the type to always shy away from being amongst a large crowd of people, I always loved the social environment. However, it might be weird for some people to understand, that introverts of my kind love the social atmosphere but can still be to themselves and have a great time in their own space in the far back.

Honestly, this has grown to work for me even better than what I was searching for as a child, wanting to be surrounded by so many different people to call an extended family and close friend. Just because of my personality that is.

Even though I love the feeling of a smaller Circle, I have to admit that there are some main pros and cons to keeping your circle small. Let’s start off with the Con’s first and then work our way to the pros shall we?

Top 5 Cons:

1- Increased Chances of Social Isolation:

I think we can all agree that with less people around, or the less friendships we have or develop, is the more prone we’ll be to isolating ourselves from anything, everything, and anyone if we’re not careful.

2- Fewer Networks:

This is pretty cut-and-dry.The less people you know, the less connections you have. Point, Blank, period.

3- Increased Disconnection From Society:

In my experience with this, I’ve had to truly self reflect. It took me years after having my first daughter to realize that I was disconnecting myself from society. I didn’t want to go out and do anything, talk to anyone, and was pretty much unaware of anything going on around me. You can say it’s puts you out of touch completely, and this, you don’t want.

4- Increased Chances of Depression:

Some people may think that staying to yourself or having a smaller circle wouldn’t effect a person’s mental and emotional state, but in all actuality it does. For moments where support even for the slightest thing is needed, not having your closest friends/family to be a voice of reason and counsel, can play an enormous part of depression. Especially when the right people you want aren’t around.

5-Increased Feeling of Loneliness:

  Being alone will in time provoke the feeling of loneliness, which can in return lead to depression.

Top 5 Pros:

1- Increased Number of Meaningful Relationships:

I absolutely love the fact that the best and most healthiest relationships that I have right now, have stemmed from me taking the time to develop real love out of the small circle that I do have. For the longest time After High School, I counted my losses one after another in friendships. More so because we just grew apart. But, through that process of “shedding” I knew and still know that i have the best and most meaningful relationships til this day.

2- Stronger Support System:

This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with having meaningful relationships. Just like if this were to be a romantic type of relationship between a man and a woman, where you may feel more appreciated, you’ll put out that same energy to be appreciated as well. Thus having that support system that you need and vice versa for your friends in your circle.

3- Decreased Trust Issues:

Of course the smaller your circle, the more time you’ll have to spend with these important people in your life. Everyday or every opportunity that you have with this group, is trust building. It only grows stronger the more and more you all go through together, which builds the relationship to be even tighter than any other group of friends that you may try and get to know on that level.

4- Less Stress:

Just a little disclaimer, this all depends on the people that you have in your circle. With that being said, if you know that your close friend loves the drama and you have another friend who is quite the opposite and doesn’t have any patience for it, that bad mix will probably be the least stressful. But for the sake of this point, we’re going to talk about the positives. Where there is less people to cause any miscommunication is the less stress and drama that they’ll be.

5- Peaceful:

This also feeds into “Less Stress”. Although they say , Bigger is better. In cases with so many different personalities, opinions, feelings, etc.. it’s always more peaceful when the least amount of bodies are involved.

So let me know what you all think. What’s your take on keeping your circle small? Who else can agree with me on why smaller circles might just be the best?

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