Top 5 Travel Goals For 2020

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While traveling for most may be considered a luxury, and by all right,I agree to an extent. This type of luxury I find to be one of the most substantial pieces of life’s puzzles needed to expand through the learning experience it provides.

With that being said, this year I thought about a few canceled trips, places that arent so new to me but new to the kids, new places close to me that I never even thought to check out, and old places I’ve yet to explore as a tourist.
Of course, along the way I’ll most definitely share some updates of my experiences at each of the places. Hopefully I can get to meet my travel goals this year.

#5 Georgia (Stone Mountain)

Georgia’s very well-known Stone Mountain is one of the places I’ve been wanting to go for the past 2 to 3 years with my family. We’ve been back and forth to the state of Georgia on vacations and had a blast. But we’ve never quite made it up to the mountains. Specifically I really want experience Snow Mountain.

#4 New York City

The Big Apple is far from new to both me and my family. But, while we have family in Brooklyn and some of the surrounding Boroughs, I’ve only but twice have gotten to experience the tourist lifestyle. Most of the touring included visits to the same places. Now, I do owe my cousin and uncle the credit for taking me around to those basic spots like the statue and Ellis island. But there are so many more things I would love to do and show my children. So while the NYC is like a second home, I was to check out the opera’s, Broadway’s, the different museums, and the culturally fun events that speak to my heritagešŸ˜.

#3 Canada (Montreal)

Now, Montreal I put at number three simply because me and my two children before my youngest was born went to see my best friend who is there godmother. While we were there she was an amazing host and showed us so many things and we loved it. That post from our 2016 trip will be shared on a later post. However, since then my goddaughter has been born, my daughter has been born, and we have to do it again, but this time a little different. So I am definitely looking forward to making this trip not only about family and catching up with the ones I love but getting a new experience out of it as well.

#2 Grand Cayman

I don’t know anything much at all about Grand Cayman. But a lot of the excursions and things like that that I’ve seen from cruise ship activities on the island oh, I definitely want to try. Some of those activities might be the ATV dirt road tours, swimming with the sharks, or even trying some of the food in an ice Lively party scene, hosted buy one of their natives. I’m not sure exactly of everything I want to do but, I know that I’m excited about going.

#1 Jamaica

It has been entirely too long since I’ve visited Jamaica. But much like New York City I’ve never experienced Jamaica from the eyes of a tourist, simply because my family is from Jamaica. we’ve always stayed with family and pretty much move around with them visiting long lost cousins or something. The most we’ve done is go to markets, beaches, and travel longs days across the island to see family and play on new feeling grounds. Don’t get me wrong I loved and miss experiences like those. But now I want to do myself some real justice and show my kids a chunk of their culture.

with all that being said, I’m super excited about this new year and all of our travel plans we have in store. Lets see how much we can actually get to accomplish.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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