Our Spring Break Fail… Here’s Why?

Okay, so initially this was supposed to be a review giving an insight on our family spring break trip. Instead we were bombed alongside the rest of the U.S. Particularly Floridians, who’ve been effected by the COVID-19 quarantine mandate. Of course this quarantine is for our own good, however, for the sake of plans to bring some destination reviews, they have been cancelled until further notice.

Because my family and I have planned pre-COVID-19 news to travel simple to my hometown (Miami, FL), we thought it would be cool to enjoy our spring break on a family friendly budget using Groupon. The kids have longed to see their grandparents, aunt, and cousins so we stayed at grandma’s to mesh the best of both worlds.

Not definite of when all this started, but I could say we began to get wind of possible closures of certain locations, but they were nowhere near us in central Florida. Our plan of still taking the kids to museums, and other fun mini attractions in south Florida still remained, or so we thought. By March 15th, 2020,w e knew for sure we were under quarantine and Governor Desantis continued to make regular changes by the hours it seemed. Here’s a little insight on how our spring break really went.

Day 1- March 16th

not sure of what we’d do and still tired from traveling overnight, we slept in most of the day. Once everyone woke up, we lounged around and went scouting for water since isles have been raided in every store.

Day 2- March 17th

Sleep, store run for food supplies and the use of our devices were everyone’s friend.

Day 3- March 18th

We got up rather early and decided to do at least one of the surprises we had on the list for the kids. You know, to give them a new experience. But, overthrown by the news for businesses mandated to close or operate at max occupancy of 10 people, our trip to the everglades was cancelled. So instead, we waited until later that evening to try out our only option; I-Fly in Ft. Lauderdale (Davie to be exact). Side note; the struggle was definitely real leading up to our arrival at I-Fly. We’d driven by Sparez bowling, The rollerskating rink, and a laser tag spot in coconut creek, which were all closed.The Everglades places was the only business to update their website immediately to let everyone know they’d be closed due to the COVID-19 mandate.

The kids really had a great time at I-Fly. The instructor was super energetic, fun-spirited, and patient. He even gave Robz, my soon 2 year old, her own uniform and helmet, which you could imagine she loved being able to feel included.

Day 4- March 19th

In need of a little fresh air, was today’s motto. Daddy bear decided to show us to an old park he grew up going to. It was super secluded and perfect for our “social distancing” time we were supposed to be embracing. Pops, my oldest, got to play some basketball while the girls acted like they could keep up. Then we drove over to the playground on the other side of the park so that Robz and Cook, my middle daughter, could get their leg stretching time in. We didn’t stay for more than a half hour because the crowd started to roll in which meant that the numbers climbed more than we liked. In perfect time we thought, It was extremely hot. To end the night, we Netflix & Chilled (family edition)watching Outbreak (Great movie by the way, and certainly fit the times).

Day 5- March 20th

Another day in the grocery store. By now we just had to pray we were all still healthy and doing our part through excessively washing our hands often, and sanitizing in between. Later that evening we rented 5 Redbox movies to carry us through our weekend.

Day 6- March 21st

Grandma’s Birthday. The kids aunt set up the inflatable pool, while their dad grilled hot dogs, ribs, and chicken for us to feast since all the restaurant were closed. This was their grandma’s request while we all were able to be together. Once food was all done, we watched quiet place. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a lover of movies and writing.

Day 7- March 22nd

Our day of departure arrived and we decided 4 O’clock would be a good enough time to hit the turnpike and be back home before the 11pm curfew. So we ate together one more time for Sunday lunch, packed the van, and said our “see you later’s”.

Even though we didn’t get to spend the time entirely how we’d want to, doing multiple things, it honestly worked out perfectly. The only fail was the thought of us needing to do all the things to enjoy each other and our time with our family who we don’t see often because of the distance. I cherish family time the absolute most and appreciate every chance I have to take advantage of it. We’ll definitely make up for the places we wanted to show you at a later time. Until then, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy first and foremost, and managing to the best of their ability. With jobs shutting down, the financial struggle is real. Trust me, we all are being affected in some way.

Please don’t forget to check in frequently with your local news for current updates. Happy Quarantine.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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