The Truth Behind Her Orgasm

Single, newly divorced/broken up, and emotionally vulnerable women aren’t the only ones who enjoying having sex!

Let’s clear the air coming right out the ball park. This stigma of women in relationships lacking in that area comes from a lazy misconception of how women feel versus how we act on that feeling.

Now with that being said, you came here because of the title itself right? The truth behind her orgasm. Well the truth is. It’s the exact same 3 things that brings you to your satisfaction: Sex, Security, and Intimacy. The issues fall in those damn P’s and Q’s; priority or precedence and quality of each of those things to each person.

I know all this may sound confusing and may even be incorrect for a few men and women. However, this is very generalized and based off a majority depending on where you are in life with your views on what drives you to your Climax.

As for those P’s and Q’s, let me set the visual so you have an idea what we’re comparing. Men typically prioritize these major three things by the way I stated before. Sex, security, then intimacy would be dead last. Some men might even argue the last two should be flipped around, and that’s fine.

The quality of the sex has to enough to satisfy and hold his attention, or at least the sexual attraction until he gets a taste. The quality of intimacy is usually measured by the woman fueling his ego or how much he really wants to feed her need for intimacy. Which is why intimacy is often dead last for men because it’s often seen as pointless or mushy. Security for men is ranked in the quality of need/purpose and feeling desired.

In the same respect, women value those same concepts. Except that women tend to be a tad bit more complex yet simple in knowing that’s what get them completely turned on. Of course, there’s also that opposing arrangement in priorities. See let me break down the women’s side a little bit.

Let’s Talk About The Sex

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Yes, we enjoy it. Yes we love keeping things fresh and sexy, but the truth is, this comes in #3 on the ranks board. Why? Because it’s not the priority for most women. Something other than the sex has to mentally stimulate her mind before you can penetrate her body.

Even when you say, “at the beginning of our relationship you always wanted to have sex”, you have to remember you were doing more stimulating than just sex to get her to drop her panties.

And for more reasons than one, things in relationships always change as they season which they are supposed to. Having children, facing hardships, and just experiencing life together ages the bond. So you have to keep things up on both ends.

As for the quality of the sex, if it’s bad and she stays it because of her priorities on the other two things. If it’s good, and she stays and the other areas are lacking she may hang in there a little while longer only hoping you’d take a hint and get right. Ask her.

Let’s Talk About The Intimacy

For this one, there isn’t a black and white because everyone connects differently. But, the truth on intimacy is that it’s the driving force behind the sexy random thoughts of you and those extra little things she does that you like.

I could go on for days about intimacy because of how broad it is of a topic. But just for clue sake, you have to know the type of woman she is and stay one step ahead of her emotionally and psychologically. This is where u go read up on her love languages (which I’ll talk about in another post if you let me know in the comments that you’re interested) and grant those priceless wishes.

As you can tell by how I ramble about intimacy, I would say this is arguably #1 (but can be #2) for most women. The quality of the intimacy you give you’ll definitely get back when you’re having sex.

Let’s Talk About The Security

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No! This doesn’t mean she wants you to do everything. NO! this doesn’t mean shes a gold digger. This might be the most controversial topic between men and women, whether committed to each other or committed to being a pain in each others neck.

Feeling safe and secure in all aspects with you is arguably the #2 (#1 for women with this dominant love language) most important boost to women. Again, this is a conversation and mainly observation you need to have to know how exactly she best feels most secure.

The quality in the security you give, simply shows in the consistency. Trust must be ongoing. Not only last two weeks at a time. Reassurance through affirmation, effort, and the list goes on. Defend her if and when needed. Financially give or be open to it without making her feel indebted like a loan shark. Once again, discuss how this looks with your lady.

Alignment is an amazing thing. If everything we desire come together in complete alignment, we’ll manifest true bliss if not a true orgasm in her case.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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