Top 5 Things I Loved About Arizona

#5 Clear Creek Trading Gift Shop

Clear Creek Trading was a very barn style for country style type of gift shop that seemed more like it had antiques from the outside but once you got on the inside and have a lot of cool new very up-to-date type of things that you could enjoy that reminded you of the area that we were in which was Sedona. The kids enjoy looking at all the different trinkets. They wanted to take a picture with almost everything. Don’t get me wrong Sedona has a lot more gift shops that are really nice if you’re looking for any memorabilia has but Clear Creek just seem to stand out to me.

#4 The Energy

From the time my kids and I landed in Phoenix, the atmosphere felt different. Maybe lighter in feeling would be the best way to describe it. We actually stayed about two and a half to three hours away from the airport; In Sedona. Man, when I tell you waking up the next morning felt so good, I couldn’t believe it was 5am. The sun was already beaming, and the crispness in the air was so refreshing. It was truly a wonderful experience, which later into the trip I learned was owed completely to the higher elevated area we were staying in Sedona, and the vortexes we were In close proximity of. If you’re looking for a great place to mediate in Sedona, i believe that this city is a great place to really take a hike and let your energy bask and be uplifted for real, for real.

#3 Poco Diablo Resort

Poco was located just miles away from the nearest town with little souvenir shops and local markets, and restaurants. Its located on a great property with a great space to take a nice walk whether morning or evening, and enjoy the scenery of the mountain sides and night skies. The resort has its own winery feeling restaurant, event hall (where my mothers graduation was held), and a small outdoor pool area with Jacuzzi. The kids really enjoyed breakfast at their restaurant, and the pool. The hotel wasn’t fancy, but it was very well kept, cozy and comfortable.

#2 The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was such a great experience. We didn’t get to do everything we wanted to because of the sudden weather change that we definitely weren’t prepared for, but it was still great. The museum provided great information for kids learning about the canyon and all that there is to see. They even had “explorers” teaching the tourist about the Grand canyon and what was open to the public for self and guided tours. Parking was available near the entrance of the park, with a near by visitors information center with maps around the park. Again, we did not cover nearly half due to the rain shifting what was supposed to be a warm spring/summer feeling day into a 40° windy and rainy adventure. It was also much more walking than we expected. So with that being said, we will definitely be going back to finish our adventure and experience new parts of the Grand Canyon. You can click the link of my kids old travel Vlog of our trip below.

#1 Vortex experience & Our 2 Hiking Trails

Before this trip, I’ve never really been drawn to take hikes and enjoy the great outdoors with this type of activity. Florida’s evergreens just doesn’t appeal to me, especially when many of our nature hikes will consist of swamp life and lost of mosquitoes and humidity that makes you quickly feel nothing close to refreshed. I’d love to experience it, if there are any of those experiences. Even as a Florida girl myself, I’m up for new adventures in my neck of the woods. In Sedona however, we enjoyed the hiking trails of Boyton Canyon in Red Rock, and Palatiki Trail which was the best experience of our life. Climbing the mountain with my mom and kids and just sit at the top overlooking the valleys was nothing short of amazing. Boyton Canyon was a 4 mile hike in the midst of a vortex. The energy in this region affected nearly all the trees, causing their barks to twist and take the shape of a twisted twister (literally!) I thought that was so cool. The second hike we just so happen to accidentally find driving down a 9 mile road looking for another vortex hiking trail, but instead we stumbled on an Indian reservation historic site which they now offer guided tours to educate you about that particular land and people.

It was such a pleasure to be able to share such a wonderful experience with my family. The entire experience from beginning to end was one for the books. Please click the video to watch our experience. Stay tuned for my children’s new travel Vlog coming soon! (It will be on their NEW travel channel)Please tell us what you think, share some tips if you’ve traveled to Sedona, so that we can follow up on our next trip.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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