May Favorites!


1.The curious case of Benjamin button on Netflix
2. Netflix series outer Banks

3. The 100

For The Kids

This months obsessions were all about finishing the school year strong. Alot of the purchases I made were educational and focused on building my 2year olds wide range of tools that gave her hands-on variety of learning and captivate her excitement about learning. Of course I wouldn’t leave my other children out of the mix, so I included some cute books and posters to the list of May favs as well. Feel free to click any of the photos to try items for your kiddos.

Health & Fitness

There wasn’t much we could get our hands on in the stores during quarantine with everyone on their “health tip” thinking the same way, so even online, what we wanted was sold out except our go to two pounders and our yoga matts. Click photos to check them out.

Beauty Products

Many of these products have been my go to for years. Because of my sensitive skin type, I can’t try new things as often as I may want for the sake of skin irritation and eczema flare up, so these are my safe zone products that I absolutely love. The only exception is the newer addition to my skin care family, which my sister introduced to me called Dudu-Osun Black Soap. If you’d like to try out any of my favs, just click the photos below.

Fashion & Style

None for this month


Melbourne Beach

Well, Hey June!
Here’s What I’m Looking Forward to…

A positive official start of summer, getting fit and staying active with the kids while staying safe and maintaining an appropriate amount of social distancing. Apart of this will definetly include jumping back into gardening. I know that our travel plans have been crushed by this pandemic but hopefully this month I’ll feel comfortable enough at some point to do some exploration in an uncrowded area. My youngest daughter turned 2 during the height of the shut down (in the beginning stages) and her party, photos hoot, and family activities had to be canceled. So while there still won’t be a party, we’ll definetly work on getting her shoot done in June now that things are slowly being permitted. Let’s see 🤞. My son is an official high-schooler and I want to be able to celebrate him as well since he missed out on his Jr. High prom, gradventure trip, and commencement ceremony. So hopefully I can think of something special for him. Last but not least a special gift of appreciation for my oldest daughter who’s worked so hard and managed to get perfect A’s to finish out her 3rd grade year in quarantine. I definitely have to figure out what that will be and deliver before the month is over. Feel free to share some of your goals for this upcoming month. I’d love to hear about them.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video with May Favorites in a little more detail. By clicking any of the photos above, you’ll be directed to my link where I purchased these same products, and now you can too. Just let me know below if you have any questions about anything. Have a great one JaeTalks Fam💋

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