June Favorites!


2020 Film titled 365 Days (365 DNI) on Netflix

For The kids

This month, we kind of took a more laid back approach to things and settled for what we’d enjoy most on easygoing lazy days. I purchased hulu for my kids to check out which they love as it had more seasons of their favorite shows than Netflix has, and for my little one, her own potty so she could try her own mini toilet which has been the cutest thing.

Health & Fitness

This month, my kids have jumped on the mommy’s getting fit band wagon. My son is going to high-school and needs to shed this quarantine extra weight in order to keep up and perform at his best for basketball, football and all the other sports tryouts. My middle daughter has already been a great workout partner but wants to get back into her agile, flexible gymnast state. So Intermittent Fasting (IF) has been this month go to along with our cardio workouts at least 3 days a week. Personally I’ve been Keto dieting to shed weight a little quicker so that I can begin weightlifting.

Beauty Products


In combination with my daily skin care routine, this month I tried out the new rave. A vitamin C and turmeric face mask that doesn’t leave your skin stained! Yes! I usually make my own mixture of turmeric masks to use on any inflamed area of my skin, but but just to compare this products effectiveness I decided to give it a try. So this has definitely made the June faves cut.

Fashion & Style

Stay tuned for some stylish youtube videos &DIY’s !!! If you havent already subscribed to JaeTalks and Jojo-Sarai Travels, nows the time😉


None for this month

The June Recap

While June was definitely a great summer start as I’d liked it to be, I’m happy to say there was only one goal I didnt reach; Robz’s photoshoot. Getting fit went awsome! I’m now down roughly 17lbs with a few inconsistencies in between but I think I did amazing if you ask me. Finally that is. We’re sure enough keeping our social distancing and keeping ac.tive. To celebrate the great work my kids put in, I threw Pops an 8th grade graduation “party” (it was just our family who we’ve been quarantining with) and gave Cook a 3DS like she asked for. I didnt start my own garden but helped mom out a little bit until those mosquitoes ran me out. Hey, we’re in Florida, it’s rainy season, and their lethal round’ this time (joking). I started our YouTube channel this month, and officially opened up my etsy shop. Im super grateful for all that June has graced my family with. Hope you all had a great month.

Well, Hey July!
Here’s What I’m Looking Forward to…

This month I’m looking for getting a little more crafty with the kids, helping them reach their health goals, and having a little more fun than we’ve been able to have in the last 3 months. This month is also a major decision making month, as our school board has made the announcement to give three options for parents to choose from: virtual school, traditional face-to-face instruction, on non schedule based distance learning where you build your own schedule and just get the work done before the semester is done. Whooh! This decision has to be made by July 15th due to school starting back on August 10th this year. Talk about tough. Well I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on things and hope you all remain safe through the uprising of COVID-19 cases popping up again. Thanks for Checking in to the June Faves JaeTalks Family! Don’t forget to check out the June faves YouTube video below.

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