The “Mommy & Me” Date Night Series

Its Time For The Fundamentals Review…

Honestly guys, I’ve had this post in my drafts for at least a year. It never seems to be the right time or even enough time to do the little date nights planned, but we have done some one-on-one time. Now that the kids are getting older and much more mature, I’m back on a mission, and are able to really bring the topics mentioned in this post to light, with a level of seriousness that they can truly absorb. Feel free to drop your experiences with your date nights, or if you try them with some of my topics in mind, let me know how it goes.

Before directly teaching my oldest two children about certain little tips on our date nights, just like any course or pre-test, we need to start with some basics or fundamentals if you will. This is to make sure the important foundations that we’ve talked about before, not only sank in but actually had been comprehended. “Knowing who you are, and all that comes with you, and “Being who you are respectively and unapologetically ( A gentleman/ A classy lady).

So over the next couple weeks, I’ll be starting my mommy and me date nights, covering these fundamentals with my children, just to ensure their mind is in the right space and help to get them there if need be. From there, we’ll move forward throughout the end of the year and turn this into a tradition. Being an only child, I’ve never had to share the attention or anything else for that matter. With that being said, I know that every soul is entitled to having that spotlight from time to time. These one-on-one date nights will act as that designated “me and you” time. We’ll have our fun, laugh, bond, and build character together a little differently and personally than we usually do through this one-on-one learning experience.

While I want to maintain some privacy with some of our shared moments, I’d love to share snippets on my socials. Hopefully my son and daughter (Pops and Cook) will feel comfortable enough to do a little commentary of their own for the JaeTalks family. Some of the topics that’ll be discussed include:

Knowing Who You Are…

•Self-esteem. •Self-worth. •Boundaries. •Peer pressure. •Social Media vs. Reality. •Inner peace & Happiness •Goals. • Growth

Being Respectively Who You Are…

•Unapologetically You! •Polite. •Well-mannered. •Positive. •Having etiquette. •Knowing the time & place rules •Looking good is feeling good. •knowing when to let things and people go!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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