This past weekend, my middle baby turned 9 years old. For her birthday I did a cute little ponytail and added some hair accessories, including the hair glitter pictured above. I also added some hair jewels and decorative cord. This DIY was a very easy 10 minute or less craft.


1. Eco Styler Gold Gel (Any Eco styler is good)
2. Fine glitter
3. Nail glitter/Confetti
4. 2 knives/ Popsicle sticks
5. Small container with lid (I used clear but you can use a colored container if you like)

Step 1

After properly cleaning your clear container for your hair glitter, take your Eco Styler Gel and Knife or Popsicle stick and prepare to fill your container.

Step 2

Scoop out small amounts of gel at a time and shake each time to ensure there is enough gel partially covering the bottom of your container.

Note: Don’t overfill the container, you need enough space to add in your glitters.

Step 3

Next, take your first base color glitter (Fine Glitter) that you want to stand out most, and shake a generous amount into the container.

Here we chose purple as our dominant base color

Once you’ve done that,continue to add in any other base glitter colors to your container before mixing.

Step 4

Mix the glitter (s) you’ve added until the original color of the gel is no longer visible.

Step 5

Shake small amounts of your shaped glitter and mix each time until you achieve desired result.

Note: Less is more. Try not to go overboard with these glitters since they’ll make the style overwhelming with the glitter unless you’re going for that look.

And that’s it guys!! quick, simple, and cute for any occasion!

My daughter and I really enjoyed making this fun and easy hair glitter craft. Watch our video to watch how we made it happen! Thanks guys.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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