Take Up Space! Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Today, I ran across this very well written and well recieved saying from Dj Love Light, and immediately fell in love. This sums up my entire theme of self fulfillment, starting with healing myself from past resentment that I hold myself accountable for.

I never knew this way of keeping the peace was a bad thing because the end result being peace was all that mattered. Well, at least that’s what I thought.

In the process I blamed others for making me choose between what I wanted and what I felt was necessary in order to “keep the peace”. As a result, I changed. My spirit was broken, my spunk was gone, and my desire to be “who I was” grew stronger right along with the self resentment because I allowed it even after claiming to be strong.

But my path has been a beautiful one. I learned from the past me and released this trauma response that once showed me where I needed to reconstruct and build a new more resilient Jae. It has taught me to live in the present and respect myself and my values and my love to notice if yeses are what others love me for, then its not me they love but what I can deliver.

It feels so good to know that while the younger me had some growing to do and probably took an unnecessarily harder journey to discovery, that i never even needed to ” get back” to being, looking, or feeling like the old me. I only needed to grow and become a better version.

Now, I am unbreakable, unapologetically strong, independent, and confident on a whole new level. While I’m extremely humble, it just feels so good to continue growing mentally, psychologically, spiritually, and in all other areas that freedom from burden can illuminate.

Wishing all my JaeTalks family love and light❤

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