Good Bye 2020!!

Like many of us, 2020 has ruffled feathers, shaken up the stagnant, and shed much light on what needed immediate attention. Some of us have experienced sudden loss, whether through health, jobs, friends and family, or just the way we once only knew how to live.

Through so much uncertainty, we came out still unsure; but with perseverance in our eyes, hearts, and minds. 2020 birthed hustlers who had no option to fold because children still needed to be fed, clothed, and cared for. Bills had a deferment, but let’s be honest, there wasn’t enough unemployment to save your ass through the next month when you finally did get through and get caught up on the thousands of dollars you were in debt.

There has been so many issues, I could go on. But why? We know what happened? You were present as much as I was. God bless the mothers who carried and birthed the innocent under so much stress and fear. I pray you all and your families continue to stay healthy.

And here we are, 2021. We know better than to live and plan for tomorrow like we can control it. Because we can’t. I now live more present and open to intentional living.

I intend on taking back my power through self love, letting go of my toxic defense mechanisms (baby steps of course), and allowing love, light, and prosperity to guide me.

I’m human, and I’ve struggled alot more in the past  with self doubt (which is big for me). So much that it has kept me from being my best self. One example, is the fear of failure which I was most confident I’d succeed at, so I would start things and never finish (only when it came to myself though), or just completely give up before the thought materializes. Didn’t matter how much natural talent in the world I have. I didn’t see it.

I say this to myself often as my biggest accomplishment spiritually,  because it motivates me to see my power and strength beyond the physical. I am most proud of being able to manifest two soul mates. My mother and my best friend. I know it sounds odd to say. But I promise to explain to you all  later on. Yes, I do believe in multiple soulmates. Each person, much like angels, each serve their purpose or calling (Again, i will explain later).

Anyway, I say this all to say that, while I may not have known entirely what I was doing, now I am definitely living intentionally and pressing through with complete faith in myself.

So as for 2021 new years resolutions, I have only one to give, and thats to intentionally manifest everything I desire! Nothing less. Everything I set out to do will be a bomb ass success. Whether big or small, it’ll be my success either way.

I’ve also given some thought to my personal theme for this year, and I think my heart is set on “Earth, Wind, and Fire”. Stay tuned, and I’ll be sure to explain the meaning behind it, as its more than just the name of the 1960’s R&B funk mixed band.

Wishing you all happiness, good health, prosperity, love, and light all 2021 long! Please stay tuned for new and improved projects coming soon… updates will be going out on my Instagram page @Jae_Talks . Thanks again for stopping by JaeTalks family.

I’d love to hear what you all think or what your new year resolutions are?

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