Intentional Living & Being present

In my last post, titled Good Bye 2020, I briefly talked about my new way of doing things in order to live a better life. One thats fitting to my personal growth and doesn’t involve redundant  new year resolutions. This new way is living with intention.

With all due respect, goals and intentions do work hand in hand, so I understand if you feel more comfortable calling them goals but for clarification sake, I would say that with the word ‘goal’ itself fitting an adverb in that it answers the how? What? When? Where? And why? Which  makes for an effective and achievable goal with a laid out plan of action (check out SMART Goals for more info). I’d however, like to view intentions with more of a faith base.

Last year really took everyone for a hell of a ride, and the worst part was, the unpredictability of it all left families and individuals feeling helpless because there was no way to plan your way out of anything. Things were shut down and we weren’t quite sure if they’d bounce right back with no worries and pick up right back where we left off in early March 2020 or we’d be where we are now, picking up the pieces and adapting to the new changes still in 2021.

Last year definitely gave a reality check that couldn’t have been a more harsh and grounding truth. We had our priorities all F’d up. What are goals worth without knowing yourself, your family, those you love, and the moments that matter most when you have nothing else to give and flaunt? Why is depression our immediate psychological response when we can’t be still? Not just physically still, but mentally, emotionally, socially, and the list goes on. Of course, there’s a domino effect of other situations that came from the sudden reality check, but one that needed to be addressed now and later.

While things have gotten alot better, give and take our current state of the country, some of our families and friends loss and current covid battles; we can only live in the present with intention. Knowing that things can shift at any moment, but “intentionally” choosing not to give way to the disappointments, the need for things to be exact, and trusting that God has and will see you through what you prayed for and release it into the universe. This is the art, finesse, and embodiment of Intention and present living.

Because I myself struggled with being still physically, and never taking the time to show myself the love I need in many ways, I think the hardest part will be sticking to what I’ve never been used to for as long as I’ve been a mother (or at least 8 years! Whooh, I know). But I love the art of manifesting through the alignment between prayer, meditation, and intentionally showing gratitude.

Being a mom of three for so many years and one whose hooked on organization and goals built around kid life 24/7, I wont give up the planning, organizing, and getting detailed about how I’d like the outcomes. Visualizing is actually a manifesto key, and its great to put in the work. Just don’t lose sight when your goal plan doesn’t go as planned. Your intentions have been set, so trust the process and pay attention to how things begin to effortlessly unravel.

Here Are Some Of My Intentions This Year

1. Mandatory Self-Care weekly & monthly.                                                       

2. Mandatory alone time just because I need a healthy guilt free break.       

3. Pay more attention to building my blog and socials                        

4. Capture more memories.                  

5. Network.                                                

6. Make more money!                               

7. Don’t be afraid to showcase talents. There’s always support.                         

8. Pray, Meditate, show gratitude daily

9. Healthier eating & consistent workout.                                                      

10. Individual ‘Date Night’ with kids (stay tuned)

These are only my top 10 intentions, but I definitely have more bursting out the seams! And I’m definitely excited for this year to manifest every last one. Traveling, weightlifting, yoga, professional developments, amongst others will be apart of what I’ll keep you guys updated on. Watch out 2021! I’m no longer coming for you! I have already arrived! So as always, I’d love to hear what you think or if any pros have any word of advice to share with me.

Thanks again for stopping by JaeTalks Family!

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