My Personal Theme & 3 Reasons Why You Should Have One…

Today, February 28th, my personal calendar year starts anew. Now, I’ve never really given thought to having a personal theme, and focus on that for my entire year, but this year I decided to do just that. Like I explained in my “Good Bye 2020″ post, last year has been a real eye opener and gave me the opportunity I needed to put things into prospective, noticing what really and truly mattered.

With that, I was able to pray and meditate a lot more, and feed the parts of myself that had been starved through self neglecting for the longest time. As a mommy of three with a passion for them to get the most out of life. You know, the opportunities you as a parent weren’t able to have due to the circumstances that dictated your lifestyle. For me, it was poverty and the lack of time to “waste” on doing things that didn’t bring in fast money. So I’d ignore my own needs for the sake of ensuring that my kids each have their time to shine as best as I could support their interests, all while balancing their academic, and our family life.

So here I am on my 2021 journey of growth, and I’ve decided that my theme this year will be “Earth, Wind, and Fire”. With no connection to the 1960’s R&B group, this theme more so focuses on the elements within myself that each deserve special attention.

My Earth element embodies my grounded-ness. This is the parts of me that connects most with nature and the love for all things natural. Because I grew up with skin sensitivities, natural alternatives were something that I had to learn about in order to evade the constant irritations. Now, I appreciate having that type of knowledge, as it fits my lifestyle so well. But more than skin care and things of that nature, I intend on showing my earthy side love through self love in the most holistic way. I actually enjoy small scale gardening (few plants, in pots or very small gardening patch) growing things I use constantly like herbs, peppers, and one or two veggies. I’ll also try my best to go on a outdoor picnic, beach visit, and a museum or two by myself. Just to fulfill the core foundation of what makes me happy. Down to earth Jae is definitely where I reside but I never really have the chance to breathe freely and appreciate the foundation of myself.

My wind element embodies my consciousness of open-mindedness and peaceful airy energy. This is the most spiritual part of me. In this element, I intend to pray and meditate on a deeper level. Working with the understanding and importance of acting on faith and intuitive or divine guidance. Of course, growing up in a Pentecostal household, this comes easy. But in my adult years I’ve adapted a true heart for what spirituality is and less of what religion forces. In this element I practice more of quieting my mind of the noise, negativity, and self doubt, and focus on peace, harmony, attracting positivity, and manifesting the life I desire for myself and my family. In my wind element, I tap into an unwavering faith to believe in all the gold I’ve been born with inherently and making it into whatever I choose. positive affirmations, Surrounding myself with good (people, places, and things), traveling, and manifesting everything from the smallest insignificant pleasures, to the biggest unimaginable dreams, are how I intend on feeding this element. I’m definitely starting with an accountability partner to help me along the way. True happiness is the goal here, to the very core of my being.

My final element is fire. Fire embodies fierceness, unapologetic growth, happiness, success, love, passion, sexiness and just all around boldness to be, feel, and radiate a light like no other can replicate. In my fire element, I intend on pushing myself to finish tasks I initially started with such excitement and momentum. Constantly finding time to research and find motivation through all types of creativity. I am aware that being healthy and fit is a never ending journey, so I’ll continue to work on myself intently to attain and maintain the sexiness I feel most proud of. I’ll dress up instead of waiting for an occasion (As we all know, Covid just wants to limit us to complete nursing home vibes), because life and good health is an occasion enough. I intend on doing way more photoshoots just because, make memories, and build a network of likeminded friendships, and opportunities that gain me the access to change my life and those I love for the absolute best. Through my fire element, I intend to fuel my confidence with more and more self love, self care activities, and I cant wait to share the journey with you guys.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Personal Theme

  1. A personal theme is your own target or focal point:

This tells or reminds you of where you’re trying to go. The key to creating your theme, is to also write out and define the purpose behind what your theme means to you. That way you know how you’re going to kill that goal.

2.Helps you go further than your “New Year Resolution”:

Having a theme is usually longer lasting than a new year resolution that typically lasts what? through January or maybe February? Not with a theme set in motion. You don’t even have to change your theme yearly. If it works for you, stick with it.

3. Depending on your reasoning for your theme, that can be your inspiration:

Growth is the name of the game here. Whether your theme acts as your career inspiration, entrepreneurship inspiration, educational inspiration, spiritual inspiration , and beyond. Let this be the fuel you needed to help you in whatever way you see fit.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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