Women’s History Month: II

Celebrating an Evolution of Growth From Politics to Entertainment and Beyond…

This week we spotlight another set of strong women who have set a trend like many others. If you missed the week one article honorees, click here to take a peek at what you missed. This month is filled with so many different observances. So take a little time to google March 2021 observances and find cool, silly, and simple ways and reasons to celebrate the different things we should be thankful for. This weeks attention is turned to caffeine awareness, credit education, music for our schools, national kidney month, national ideas month, and listening awareness month. A little French vanilla & hazel nut mixed small coffee treat, was my way of celebrating the joys of caffeine, as well as creating my natural body scrubs.

I have been diligently working on boosting my credit health so I’m definitely working towards educating my self and boosting that IQ a lot more than where it is now. For music in our schools; Being a band mom in the past, I’m for sure a firm believer in the musical arts and what it does for our children in school, so I’ll continue to support our local school concerts an encourage my children to embrace their talents. As you guys already know, creativity in different forms including literary arts (writing and spoken word), graphic designing (still in the learning process), and content creating ( just maintaining my consistency), are some things I genuine love to do. With that being said, in light of ideas month ,I intend on making those ideas a reality. Hopefully I am success at networking, collaborating and growing each area.

hopefully, in sharing some ideas with all of my JaeTalks family, you’ll find some inspiration in celebrating and even learning more in-depth about a particular topic that’s being observed this month and the months to come. Why not find something positive to be grateful for this year. If you were looking for a new tradition to start, here’s a nudge… Now let’s get to the honorees of week 2:

This weeks honorees are world renown Grammy winning actress, singer, and civil rights activist, Mrs. Lena Horne. We also have social activist, poet, Pulitzer prize winning novelist and publisher of the very popular book and movie “The Color Purple”, Mrs. Alice Walker. Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest running first lady in the white house (serving alongside her husband president Roosevelt for 12 years). She was a political figure, diplomat, and activist. Jazz vocalist, songwriter and actress, Mrs. Abbey Lincoln began her civil rights participation as an activist in the early 1960s. Lastly, is the very well known woman to not only fly across the Atlantic ocean, but gain her license as an aviator, Mrs. Amelia Earhart.

Each day, respect is paid to these wonderful women, for women’ history month on my Instagram page @Jae_talks. Come on through and show some love. I’d love to connect with you .

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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