Top 5 Mexico Experiences & Activities

“#CatchMeTripping ” Series

While this trip was absolutely everything, what’s a baecation without the small hiccups that turn completely around to be the best experience yet. In July 2021, my boyfriend took the initiative to plan, search, and book a 5 day 4 night trip to Cancun, Mexico with entertainment filled activities to match. For someone who has typically sucked at planning anything, he did an amazing job. Yes, I also do apologize for the late post guys. I promise for 2022, I will better with all the #catchmetripping mini vlogs and posts that I do. Now, let’s jump right into the good stuff. Just to let you know, there is no real significance to the numbers given to each place or activity. I’ll just be breaking down the info and rating or experience overall.

#1 Xplor Park

(Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Xplor Park is a super fun, multiactivity theme park. I would say it’s a water park since you’re wet 90% of the time; and I do mean every second. Just to get the details out of the way, it is a bit pricey running you about $134 a person, but for everything that you get including the experience, I’d say it was hands down the best decision. The price includes your coach bus transportation to and from the park, an all day access to the park which has an American style buffet like hamburgers, mac n’ cheese, and more, with maybe some Mexican style chips and dip. The buffet can be accessed at anytime during the day, but I do suggest going before or after the lunch time crowd.

The Park includes activities like zip-lining, rafting, underground trails, ATV rides and more! there is a lot of walking, so I’d say besides that and the type of rides, it’s best for those who are in their best shape in order to enjoy the park to its full glory. Otherwise, your feet, back, and whatever else aches you, will hurt. On that note, while kids are allowed, for the price and the available activities or areas for them (which is only one small area), this park isn’t for small children. Maybe older children like 8 to10 and older would get the best out of the experience. There are other options available like Xalibur, Xcaret, and more which we’ve said that we’d come back and experience with the kids. Just leave me a comment if you’d like me to do a little research and leave you some info about those other sister parks to Xplor.

We did have to wear hard hats the entire time for safety precaution, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. For those who cant swim, you can grab a life vest. There are lockers available and restrooms all over the place. However, being able to walk long distances is stressed just as much as having a comfortable pair of water shoes with good soles in them. Bring sunscreen and prepare for a great day!

#2 Chichen Itza Sightseeing Tour

(Tulum & Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

This was our history fix for our trip, otherwise considered as our culture tour. We were guided by an amazing tour guide by the name of Tomas, who took us to see the pyramids, a very cute flea market in Tulum for souvenirs and to have tasty Mexican food, as well to visit a very beautiful cenote.

The tour costed us roughly $70 a person, which was worth every cent. Once again, in my opinion, this was great for a baecation (for those who haven’t caught on yet, this is a new term for romantic vacation with your significant other or “boo”). It involved a lot of walking and sightseeing that adults could more appreciate. It’s best to bring a little extra cash to tip your guide and buy souveniers. This is another early morning festivity, and because of the terrible traffic at this time on the highway, it’s literally all day long (7am -8/9pm depending on your hotel drop off).

On this tour, you can bring your swim suit, your own towel (from the hotel is fine), your camera, walking shoes, and a cleared schedule because you wont make it back in time for anything else. lol. No seriously, you’ll either be tired or not have any time to freshen up for the next thing because you guys had to creep through hours and hours of traffic. Nonetheless, we were in no rush and loved being in the moment to experience this tour.

#3 The Cancun Nightlife

(Hotel Zone)

Giving very much Las Vegas showtime vibes, even with the time sliced Covid restrictions for the clubs and restaurants to close down at 9/10pm (at this time. I’m sure it’s changed by now), the hotel zone was super saturated with live entertainment for everyone. Of course it was very little for kids to do but places like senior frogs was very open to families and had an awesome host/DJ who engaged with everyone and made it fun. Please keep in mind, there are drunk people all around trying to enjoy their vacation free from judgement and restriction.

You can choose your level of fun, as there are lines of clubs, bars, lounges, strip clubs dinner shows, romantic feeling restaurants, and the beach isn’t too far if you’d like to sit out on the shore line and gaze out into the darkness at twinkling lights from the hotels and party boats surrounding. Just remember to get American dollars exchanged for pesos as the rates of exchange are ridiculous depending on where you go. Your negotiation skills better be somewhat good because foreigners are the easiest target to pay $25 for two tacos without a drink.

#4 The Cancun Day Vibe

(Hotel Zone)

From the simplest to the most high energy activities, Cancun had such a relaxing vibe. There’s really so much you could do, whether you booked an all inclusive and spent the entire time lounging around (which some hotels have their own daily activities so you never have to leave), or you came with a group to make memories you wish to leave on the island if you know what I mean. There really was something for everyone.

We never made to the Congo Bongo day party pictured above, due to the tours we had booked prior. However, if you do check them out, feel free to let us know how it was. Congo Bongo does have a night club right next door that opens up later in the evening. They pretty much had the same typical night club energy like the Senior Frogs or Fat Tuesday has.

Again, they could get a bit pricey as everything was if you don’t negotiate. Keep in mind some places were solid on their prices so you just have to be willing to walk or drive down to the next place if you feel they’re doing too much with the prices. At the time the conversion was about $17-18 Pesos to our $1 American, with their prices always being in the hundreds and thousands for simple things like drinks and foods. For transportation we road their city bus because it was super cheap(60 cent pesos per person) and perfect since we needed it to stay on the strip to and from our hotel..

#5 The Views

The pictures speak for themselves guys. It was absolutely beautiful. If you notice the picture above (bottom left) with me standing facing the ocean, the water wasn’t as clear, towards the rocks, that was due to that “nature cleaning” the ocean does from time to time. Nonetheless, the views from outside our hotel, the ocean, the cenote, the pyramids, just everything was amazing.

I promise to better this year with getting detailed info to all my JaeTalks family to better help with your travels. Although I’m terrible with keeping up with vlogging, I’ll do my best with mini vlogs on my TikTok and IG. So dont forget to follow me on @Jae_Serene on IG and @Jaetalksup on TikTok.

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