Journal Lovers! What You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here!!

Jae Talks Family! I am super excited to announce the launch of my newest Journal collection titled 11:11 Collection by Jae Serene. While many of the upcoming journals have different angles and subjects that they focus on, all of them are self helping in some fashion or form. From manifesting the life of your dreams, to organizing, time managing, and more. The Jae Serene brand wants to be apart of your growth journey. Here are some things to look forward to if you have these questions:

What are some of the upcoming books on the “11:11 Collection” line up?

Dropping Sunday April 3rd, 2022 as an eBook version, “Think Big, It’s Time To Shine Baby!” is making it’s debut on the Etsy marketplace platform, and will later be released on Amazon. Follow our socials for updates and any changes such as added platforms and Hardcopy availability.

“Step by Step: Student Life Success” is geared towards the self inventory and growth of young college leveled students who will learn the initial tools needed to be successful in life. Being organized and knowing how to use your time wisely are two of the key elements of navigating your way through life. This journal provides the assistance you need. The projected release date for the Ebook is set for August 2022, with pre-orders available in July. Remember it’s important to follow our social media pages posted below for updates!

“2023 Harvest Season” planner will feature many of your standard calendar pages, with a splash of motivational quotes and spaces for your personalized affirmations and daily task list to complete for a productive year. Even organizing can be fun. Spruce up your traditional planner by getting your hands on a Jae Serene 11:11 planner. The Ebook will be available January 2023, with hardcopy pre-orders available available November 2022. Don’t miss out!

What inspired the 11:11 Collection by Jae Serene?

Honestly, I’ve always been a writer since I could even remember. Writing little things like Haikus, Ballads, Free Verse poems and short stories were always my niche. After being recognized by my third grade teacher for my literary creative talents, I realized that after being dubbed “Gifted”, the love of writing and creativity was even more so ignited, and I wanted to share more despite being so shy. Fast forwarding to date, that love has never changed, but combining it with the love for manifesting and positive thinking has become a practice that has been a personal favorite for over 10 years or more and now I’m finally sharing it with all of my Jae Talks loves.

Is the newest book for adults only?

No. The newest book is the “Think Big: It’s Your Time To Shine!” manifestation journal, and while its more for a mature audience (touching on topics like spiritual growth), it can most definitely be used by anyone who sees it fit. It’s for your personal growth on numerous levels. So if you’d like two or more copies for a mentoring group or session, or just for you and your daughter/son, it will get the job perfectly done. You have come to the right spot.

What are the social media accounts that I can follow to stay in the loop?

Yes, of course! You can follow my Instagram page @Jae_Serene, my Tiktok @Jaetalksup, Twitter @talksjae, and Pinterest @Jae_Serene . Updates aren’t always posted on all platforms at the same time, so be sure to follow on all platforms and keep a close eye on IG stories as they often have the most current and up to date news posted.

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