Las Vegas: Girls Trip

“#CatchMeTripping” Series

Another year, another girls trip. It was absolutely amazing. This time around, my sister from the first #catchmetripping post in New York (Go check it out), extended the fun to one of her close friends, as well as a close friend between the both of us (Which are the two beautiful ladies pictured in the middle). What was the occasion? This time, it was my sis’s 35th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to get these hott mommies to Sin City for some minor misbehavior. well, how bad could it be if I’m sharing with you all right? so lets jump into some of the fun and reviews from some of the activities we got to accomplish.

Some Do’s & Don’ts From our Trip

*Top 3 Activities You Must Try In Vegas*

Rail Explorers Sunset Tour

Rail Explorers located just outside of Las Vegas in a city called Boulder City, was a great evening adventure for the four of us. Costing $40 each person ($160 total), we booked the sunset tour where we we pedaled three and a half miles going and then another three and a half miles back, as we watched the sun set over the mountains. This activity is great for families, couples (as it is intimate), and friends (super fun). Kids are more than welcome to join in on the fun, but I’d ask if they’d have to pay for a seat. Although it’s late April and just coming out of spring, I’d say still bring a light sweater if you’re taking the evening and night tours because it gets extremely cold out there.

Las Vegas ATV Tours

Whether you’re a first timer or a pro rider, the tour guides take you on routes at your speed and allow you a short break with water included. Our guide took our pictures and before starting, gave us a quick practice run around their small practice track. Please note that there’s no bathrooms or anything out in the desert, and it’s best to have a fanny pack to place your most important information. The tour was $150 per person with a $40 per person deposit do at the time of reservation. The balance is due only in cash when the tour bus picks you up from your nearest hotel pickup spot. They provide helmets, gloves, and goggles, just be sure to have a bandana in case they are sold out. If your driver has bandanas, it’ll be two for $10 in cash or zelle. Tips for both the driver that transported you to and from the hotel, and your guide will be expected but not mandatory.

Zip-Zilla Ziplining On Fremont Street

With two available ziplining activity packages, the Fremont street zipline experience was not only fun, but affordable as well. reservations for a timeslots have to be made online at the slotzilla website along with your full payment in order to reserve. we rode the 7 story seated position activity called Zip-Zilla costing us $49 each. If you’re up for the challenge, there’s also a super hero flying position package for $69 each and 11 stories high. Keep in mind, there is a waiting period, even though they tell you that you have to select your time slot online. We reserved for 9:45pm and didn’t physically get to ride until maybe 10:50/11pm. They do give you a bag to put your things in, so no need to worry about that. But just don’t plan your activities so tight, we missed out on our dinner plans thinking this was going to be quick because of the timeslot reservation. They do take your before, during, and after pictures of your group. Up to four riders are allowed at a time.

*Terrible is The Best Way to Describe It*

Catch at Aria Hotel

Rating: 1 out of 2.

With such a beautiful ambiance, with great IG ready backdrops to add to your timeline, you’d think this very popular restaurant located inside the Aria Hotel & Casino would be worth it, but no, no, and hell no! I gave “Catch” a one star only because of the beautiful scenery and the okay manager who consistently came to check on our table from time to time. However, not only was the service terrible, from 30 minute waiting times just for drink orders after being seated, but our server was honestly rude, and treated us like he didn’t want to deal with us (spending most of his time at the tables surrounding us). Even when asked about menu items, he seemed extremely annoyed and rushed through the menu like he was hosting an auction. Then got frustrated when we didn’t hear or asked to please repeat.

Mind you, this whole time, we were very polite, patient, and decided to stay put because it was already late, it was my sister’s birthday dinner, and we didn’t want to ruin the night with complaints, and last minute scavenger hunting for another nice restaurant around town at 11o’clock at night. So we took the chance and order our overpriced food, and once again was disappointed. My meal costed roughly $50 just for six pieces of extra small steak bites and a order of fries they named truffle fries, which I didn’t enjoy at all.

The pictures did come out a little dark because of the lighting in the restaurant. It was extremely dark, but that part I didn’t mind because it had a very intimate, sexy feel. One that you’d want if you were there on a date or a grown and sexy outing. if you’re out with family including children, this is most definitely not the place for them. The small portion sizes, limited options, and overpriced meals that they do have, you could eat at Olive Garden right across the street for two or three meals for the price of one here. Seriously.

I wish I could say better things about Catch, but the only thing we have to say is that we experienced it and wont be doing it again. Just remember you can take pics in their hallway leading up to their counter to be seated. After walking to catch an Uber, we did see a beautiful Mexican restaurant in Aria. If you check it out, please let me know so that I can try that one out on my next trip.

A Little More Fun

Planet 13: One of the best dispensaries in the Las Vegas area, located about 15 minutes or less away from the strip. You must check in upon entering using an ID even if you just want to go look around. It has a cute little café in side and a lab where they produce and show you the production of their products.

Stacks & Yolks: Hands down the best breakfast dinner I have ever eaten at, in a very long time. From the great friendly and fast service, to the quick food delivery and large portion size with affordable menu options. Great for any size groups with or without children. My meal was about $20 with a huge Belgian waffle in the shape of a flower, a full and filling omelet with home style fries (which are fried potatoes chunks), coffee, and cranberry juice. I didn’t get to finish my food, but enjoyed every bit of what I was able to eat. You will need an Uber/Lyft as it is located about 17 minutes off the strip. But well worth it.

Area 15: A very cute museum style colorful attraction, Area 15 is free to get in but you will still need to reserve a time for your group to be allowed inside. I think it’s just for safety and capacity control purposes. You can click here to check out their activities they have inside and make your reservation. Keep in mind, that while it is free to gain access in the building, everything is an additional entry fee and the adults arcade and bar is for 21+ only. Check out their website to plan your trip and purchase your tickets for one of the 17 or more experiences and restaurants/bars located inside. Remember to be Instagram ready. The cute captures are all around.

Seven Magic Mountains: Get dressed, nice and cute, and go see some colorful stacked stones! lol! No really, go! The energy was great and the scenery was even better. This is of course located off the Las Vegas strip, but definitely worth it to capture the beautiful view of the mountains in the distance and those unique bright boulders towering over you.

Botanical Gardens @The Bellagio: Such a refreshing smell, feel, and breathtaking real flower arrangements in the shape of all sorts of beautiful artwork. The Bellagio often changes their garden theme based on the season or holiday that falls into that specific quarter. As we all see, its late April so Spring is still in the air, and we were lucky enough to catch the waterfalls and bright airy beauties that were all around us. I absolutely loved taking pictures here. This is a definite must see. 5 stars!

The Fountain Show @ The Bellagio: Maybe because the NFL drafts stage was setup part way in the pool where the light show takes place, it kind of took away from the complete feel. But it wasn’t spectacular, but it was checked off the experience list. So don’t forget to stop by and do the same. Hopefully by the time you go there wont be any distractions and you’ll be able to fully enjoy it.

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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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