The Truth Behind Her Orgasm

Single, newly divorced/broken up, and emotionally vulnerable women aren’t the only ones who enjoying having sex! Let’s clear the air coming right out the ball park. This stigma of women in relationships lacking in that area comes from a lazy misconception of how women feel versus how we act on that feeling. Now with thatContinue reading “The Truth Behind Her Orgasm”

Forced into Home Schooling

The 3 week Update As everyone around the world knows, we’ve entered into a social distancing situation that has not only put our everyday lives at a halt, but changed it drastically. COVID-19 better known as the Corona virus has come into our lives as an intruder with no remorse. Things have gotten so seriousContinue reading “Forced into Home Schooling”

Our Spring Break Fail… Here’s Why?

Okay, so initially this was supposed to be a review giving an insight on our family spring break trip. Instead we were bombed alongside the rest of the U.S. Particularly Floridians, who’ve been effected by the COVID-19 quarantine mandate. Of course this quarantine is for our own good, however, for the sake of plans toContinue reading “Our Spring Break Fail… Here’s Why?”

Top 5 Travel Goals For 2020

While traveling for most may be considered a luxury, and by all right,I agree to an extent. This type of luxury I find to be one of the most substantial pieces of life’s puzzles needed to expand through the learning experience it provides. With that being said, this year I thought about a few canceledContinue reading “Top 5 Travel Goals For 2020”