Top 5 Travel Goals For 2020

While traveling for most may be considered a luxury, and by all right,I agree to an extent. This type of luxury I find to be one of the most substantial pieces of life’s puzzles needed to expand through the learning experience it provides. With that being said, this year I thought about a few canceledContinue reading “Top 5 Travel Goals For 2020”

5 Pros & Cons To Keeping Your Circle Small

While I personally have been the type to always shy away from being amongst a large crowd of people, I always loved the social environment. However, it might be weird for some people to understand, that introverts of my kind love the social atmosphere but can still be to themselves and have a great timeContinue reading “5 Pros & Cons To Keeping Your Circle Small”

3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Stay Consistent With Your Teen!

As a mother of teenage boy, getting ready to enter into a brand new world called high school, I’ve not only had to deal with the transitions of bodily changes, but mental, and physical changes as well. My Mr.Cool has been so resistant to what I see as the easy way to do things, butContinue reading “3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Stay Consistent With Your Teen!”

Top 6 Overlooked Things When Planning For a Baby

#1: Daycare or Family care? Of course with all the excitement about being pregnant and getting the basics ready like a crib, clothes, diapers, and whatever else, no one’s thinking about making the decision ahead of time so there’s no headache when the time comes. There’s so many questions for this plan alone, it shouldContinue reading “Top 6 Overlooked Things When Planning For a Baby”

To The Younger Me…

Dear baby Jae, If I could show you the future to help lighten your worries, I would. But if it meant the slightest change in the outcome, whether it be for the better, I’m not sure I’d want you to take that chance to alter the lessons we’ve learned and the gifts we’ve been grantedContinue reading “To The Younger Me…”

Whose The Problem?! Women or Men?

The truth of the matter is, everything comes down to giving the energy that you need. Of course you want to make sure to begin with, that you and your significant other is compatible for each other. With that, you definitely need to weigh your options, and not continually ignore red flags that are clearly unhealthy signsContinue reading “Whose The Problem?! Women or Men?”