What Are SMART Goals?

The simple way to goal setting, the SMART way! SMART goals are super simple.They allow you to not only lay out the things that you want to achieve, but also create a plan of how you’ll go about achieving them. These goals will act as a checklist with deadlines and step by step lists thatContinue reading “What Are SMART Goals?”

5 Common Traits of a Person with a Heart of Gold

One thing that came into thought today, was the fact that our society has came so far away from chivalrous behavior. If I help someone random at a store and they happen to be a man, it’s flirting. If I help a woman at a store its either weird or flirting. Every excuse except theContinue reading “5 Common Traits of a Person with a Heart of Gold”

3 Starting Basics for Relationship Goals

I never understood quite deeply, why people measure the success of their relationship against those that they see posting seemingly happy couples pictures on social media sites. No one ever posts their fights or disagreements, their struggles or pain. At least not the “Relationship Goals” couples. Whenever we see someone rant about their significant otherContinue reading “3 Starting Basics for Relationship Goals”

How To Manage A Crazy Lifestyle Juggling Many Hats

Between spring Season Sports including track, basketball, flag football, gymnastics and the start of cheer conditioning with my oldest two children, not to mention working full-time, coaching, mentoring, and being a team mom for nearly all their Sports, and of course still tending to my duties as a full-time Mommy, it’s hectic. The crazy lifestyleContinue reading “How To Manage A Crazy Lifestyle Juggling Many Hats”

Lack of Support In A Relationship

Being in a relationship founded on a lack of trust, can and will be just as bad or worse as being in one that lacks support. Just to paint a little illustration on how it’s related, just imagine an insecure relationship. Imagine having to be questioned about what you’re doing, where you’re going, why you’reContinue reading “Lack of Support In A Relationship”

Week 3- ” Take Risks”

#IssaVybe Taking risks can steer you in either one of two directions. Success- now you’re in a better position and you’ve learned something along the way. Failure- you’re in the same position but much more wiser. Growth is learning, and everything we do is a risk that we’re either much more familiar and comfortable with,Continue reading “Week 3- ” Take Risks””

Don’t Compare Your Kids! Here’s 10 Reasons Why

Parents today have a bad habit of comparing their children to one another. So many times we do it unconsciously without even realizing it. It starts with the little things like making statements like, how come when I call your sister she can hear me but you can’t hear me when I call you? MakingContinue reading “Don’t Compare Your Kids! Here’s 10 Reasons Why”

Tired of being broke!

After days of having to scrape together coins to provide a meal for the family, borrow $20 in gas until “Friday” (payday), and constantly going over the lingering past due bills, I check my account to review what has been paid. In doing so, I realize how serious I need to get with budgeting. IContinue reading “Tired of being broke!”

Week 1- “Join in on the Challenge”

#IssaVybe We’ve got to remember that bills still exist and will carry over into the new year😋. Let’s seriously make the important things apart of our goals. Consistency starts with our personal growth including our finances. #Happy New Year#I challenge you Copyright © 2020 JaeTalks by Jae Serene *All rights reserved by Jeceilia Ulysse* PoweredContinue reading “Week 1- “Join in on the Challenge””

Week 2- “Thrive Through”

#IssaVybe Not every Monday puts that spring back into your step to help kick off a new week. Good thing there’s a new day always ahead😉. Don’t forget to keep on thriving! #IssaVybe #All2020 Don’t forget to go follow my Instagram pages @JaeTalks & @Jae_Serene Copyright © 2020 JaeTalks by Jae Serene *All rights reservedContinue reading “Week 2- “Thrive Through””