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This is a full explanation of how and when I am compensated on JaeTalksUp.com, per the FTC regulations.

JaeTalksUp.com may contain some Affiliate ads and links on the sidebar and in some posts. In the case where a link or ad is clicked on, I may receive a commission. I only participate in affiliate programs for companies and products that I use and am in no way swayed by the commission. If something is on my site, you can trust that it’s a product or company that I love and wholeheartedly endorse. I will not endorse or recommend any brand, product, or company that I do not like or use. I will also announce at the beginning of my posts when an affiliate link(s) is used, or compensation has been received or could be received in return for clicking on a link.

JaeTalksUp.com may contain advertising banners and occasional affiliate links, which means if that link is clicked, I will receive a commission on the sale of a product(s). Once again, the commission does not sway my decision of what to share and feature in my posts. I only feature products I would link to with or without an affiliate link. For posts that include reviews of products that I choose to try before becoming a regular customer, I will always give my honest opinion for your personal reference before making the choice to purchase any products.

On occasion, I may receive a product I discuss on JaeTalksUp.com for free. In this case, I will always disclose that it was received for free and from whom. However, this will not sway my opinion, writing, or review of said item. My reviews and writings are always 100% my opinion.

Privacy Policy

Your information is safe with JaeTalks Lifestyle Blog. We will never share personal information with third parties, and we do not store any information about your visit to this blog other than information gathered through cookies. This information is very general in nature and used to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience here on JaeTalksUp.com. Cookies can be turned off at anytime by changing your browser settings.

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