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“The best kinds of portfolios showcase the unmatched energy and natural glow that are inspired by thoughts, experiences, and people who make you happy.” #IssaVybe

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Life is All About Creating Priceless Memories

A N D … A C T I O N!

As a writer of over 20 years and counting, and a new independent travel agent, I have only just entered into the world of blogging in February 2020, to share my views, experiences, motivational thoughts, projects, and reviews, in hopes to add a positive change into the lives of my readers. I am by no means perfect, or currently hold a counseling degree or claim that my readers will have the same results if any results at all from my blogs. This is for your entertainment purposes ONLY.

I do provide what any great friend with 100% pure intentions would provide. Advice you can relate to, and make your own conscious decisions based on. Virtually experience and explore with me and my family, and try it out with you and your loved ones. I love giving words of encouragement and motivation that also help push me through my own rough patches of doubt, lack of consistency, or feeling fed up. I don’t often do reviews of services used, cute and handy finds, or toys and electronics my family and I try, but when I do, I will share with you all for your personal reference before making any investments or general purchases.

These product reviews are called “Good Looks”. If there are any sponsored products featured, I will definitely let you all know. Of course, feedback is welcome and review requests are more than welcome also. Life is always changing, and the changes are always warmly embraced in my world. This includes any new additions to the JaeTalks family😉. Your support is always appreciated.

The Newest Project To JaeTalksUp

After years of contemplation, and months of dedication and building, I am super excited to introduce the 2022 launch of The 11:11 Journal Collection by Jae Serene. Publishing my work has always been a dream, and now I’ve finally conjured up the guts to make it a reality. I used my own creation to work with young women in my community, many years ago, and will now share it with the world. The very first publication will be in eBook format for anyone to grab. Be sure to check out the 11:11 Journal Collection tab for more info.

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As much as I enjoy writing and creating memories with my family, it’s only right that we share some of the cool places we’ve been as a family. Follow my children’s traveling page on Instagram @Its_JojoSarai .We will keep you updated with the drop date of that project and don’t forget to also stay tuned in to vlogs by yours truly as well. Don’t forget to subscribe to JaeTalks Youtube channel, as well as my children’s Youtube channel called Jojo-Sarai Travels. Follow @Jae_serene on Instagram and Pinterest🥂

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