Stay Tuned For Launch Coming Soon‼

Hey JaeTalks family! I’m super excited about my new venture into the world of radio/ talk show hosting. This new expansion is an addition that’ll not only touch base on topics discussed in my blog posts, but also invite you in to give your feedback and vibe with guest hosts about topics ranging from parenting, relationships, hot topics and more. You won’t want to miss it! Served Raw By Jae Serene will be available on all major platforms.

Lit Wednesdays

“Lit Wednesdays” aka Literary Wednesdays are all about my new raunchy urban fiction audio short stories. Get into the audio visual drama series written by yours truely .

Let’s Get Real!

Why not say it like it is? And if you don’t understand, ask! Leaving the details out, only leaves room for misconception. Tune in to Served Raw convos with me and from time to time, a guest who doesn’t mind keeping it ‘one hundred’.

Launching soon!!!! Follow my socials to stay in the loop and become apart of the family through other platforms.

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