Travel Gallery

I used to dream of traveling the world, Now that dreams a reality and we love sharing them with you.

Life is full luxury, character, and charisma. Paradise is all around us, and while reality teaches us responsibility and keeps us grounded. Exploration teaches us how life should be lived, appreciated, and valued.

Quebec, Canada

My sister and brother in law showed us an amazing time on the French side of Canada called Quebec.

Sedona, Arizona

About 2hours away from the very well-known city Phoenix, Arizona, we spent an amazing weekend celebrating my mother graduating with her doctorate. For the first time we went on numerous hikes, climbed mountains, explored Native American community landmarks, and so much more.

Manhattan, New York

Although New York wasn’t a new scene, I decided to a girls trip with one of my close friends, and explore the big apple like a real tourist. Everything from street cuisine, to tour bus activities, museums and more. We really had a great time.

Cancun & Tulum, Mexico

This was such an amazing trip, and I can’t say that it was anything short of the best memories I have traveling with my boyfriend. He did such a great job planning and setting up all our fun activities. From day parties, to interactive theme parks, tours, and so much more. One week was hardly enough.

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