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The Magic 5

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Check out some of the beautiful cities we’ve explored as a family. Here you’ll find many, “5 Fun & Simple outings” reads.


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Looking to travel outside of the U.S? Great, there’s tons to see and appreciate. check out some of the few, but growing travel experiences.

Adult Travel

While it’s hard to get away when you have kids that are extremely active and travel with you frequently, When the opportunity arises, It’s nothing less than amazing.

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As a writer of over 20 years and counting, I have only just entered into the world of blogging in February 2020, to share my views, experiences, and more. With a multicultural background, the need for travel was always a must for my family, but only sparked a love for traveling and planning new adventures. Within that love I found a new passion for helping others create great memories through my Independent Travel Agent experience.

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